Meal Planning

Tired of your meal repertoire?

Curious about new ingredients but feeling intimidated?

Don’t think you have the time to make something tasty?

Feel overwhelmed at the grocery store?

Interested in learning how to increase your nutrition while reducing your grocery bill?

Worried that trying that new recipe won’t be worth the cost or your time?


Your life in the kitchen just got simple! Without having to think about it, you will receive an exciting group of recipes each week. The recipes will be tailored to your lifestyle, be it food preferences, time allowance or storage space. I provide a shopping list and prep lists to utilize your time efficiently. I’ll do all the cheffy planning for you, so you can get cooking and eating.


Learn how to stock your fridge, pantry and freezer so that you always have something delicious and healthy on hand. Reduce food waste. Become more efficient with your time and resources. Learn how to meal plan for yourself! Discover what tools can make healthy cooking faster and easier.

Each subscription will roughly span a season, and the collection of recipes/shopping + prep lists you receive can be used year after year, like a perfect cookbook. Think of each subscription as a lesson in seasonality, where you will be turning the freshest produce available into nourishing meals.


  • 4 meals/week, delivered to your inbox

  • customized recipes to your goals, food preferences and time allowance

  • option for breakfast, lunch and dinner menus

  • SHOPPING list for each week

  • Ingredient prep lists

  • cooking and nutrition tips