Personal Cooking Classes

Wish cooking didn’t feel like a chore?

Dream of improvising with the ingredients you have on hand but scared of the outcome?

Interested in ways to incorporate healthy recipes into your repertoire?

Love food but hate waste?

Wondering what to do with all those vegetables you see in the grocery story?

Want to finally learn how to use your knives like a pro?


Live in Denver? I offer personalized cooking classes in your home. These can be booked as a series, added to a meal plan subscription or booked as a one-time occurrence (like a cooking party).

Why choose this service over generic cooking classes?

Completely personalized to your skill-set, interests, diet and lifestyle; Learn to cook in your kitchen, with what you have (the utensils, appliances, pantry/freezer/fridge space, etc). As a series, think of these classes as a cooking bootcamp. I share knowledge I’ve gained in culinary school and restaurants in a way that’s approachable and applicable to your routine.


Learn how to stock your fridge, pantry and freezer so that you always have something delicious and healthy on hand. Gain knife skills. Become a stronger, more efficient cook. Understand how to achieve/balance flavors and obtain nutritional variety. You will gain the skills to extend your groceries, eliminate wasted food and meal-plan for yourself…oh, and cook delicious food along the way!

cooking series Program includes:

  • Personalized cooking program

  • pantry makeover

  • Recipe booklet

  • ingredient Prep and shopping (*does not include price of Ingredients)

  • unlimited email support and feedback between classes